WTF moments I had whilst watching Jessica Jones Season 2

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This is just a short post where I’m going to talk about things that happened in Season 2 of Jessica Jones that just made me go ‘huh’? There are spoilers in this post just to warn you.

A more in depth post on the second season of Jessica Jones will be live Tomorrow.

Why are they having sex in the paint?

It’s such a weird scene and all I could think is ‘are they going to shower before going to bed?’ and ‘She’s going to be super uncomfortable if some paint gets in her vagina’

Is Griffin shady or is he actually that nice?

I still don’t understand his character at all and did they ever explain why he was snooping on Trish’s laptop and what those weird phone calls were about? Surely it wasn’t just about the engagement.

Trish and Malcom!

I think I actually said ‘What the fuck’ when they started having sex.

How did Inez get healed if Shane is not a healer?

We saw her get impaled by glass when Alisa through her across the room so if Shane was only pretending to be a healer then how is Alisa able to walk? Were her wounds just not as bad as she said?

Why would they leave the TV with the news on facing Alisa’s cell?

Just makes no sense at all why this would happen.

How did Trish get to the Ferris wheel so fast?

She is injured for one and two, how did she get out of the hospital past her mum so easily?

Trish’s football skills or ‘enhanced reflex’s’

I was just waiting for her to show a glimpse of having powers after her procedure and being in hospital. Couldn’t help but feeling that her catching her phone on her foot was just a bit lame.

Did you have any WTF moments whilst watching Season 2 of Jessica Jones? Or are there any unanswered questions that you had? I’d love to hear what you think.

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