Top 10 – Favourite Peep Show Episodes

If you haven’t already watched Peep Show then you should go and binge it right now. I’m so obsessed with Peep Show, I’ve watched it the whole way through at least 10 times. All of the episodes are hysterical and just so so relatable. It has me laughing out loud every time. I find the episodes so easy to watch and absolutely love them all.

I have had an idea of doing a ‘Top 10’ series for a while but just for so caught up in other ideas and blog drafts. I just love the idea of how broad a top 10 series could be and the potential it could have. I just find the idea of sharing my favourites with you super exciting. I did a top ten friends episode post a while back, you can give that a read here if you’re interested.

Anyway, here we go. These are my top 10 favourite Peep Show episodes (they’re not in order – I found it hard enough to pick ten episodes, let alone put them in order).

Holiday – Season 4, Episode 5

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This episode kills me every time, it’s absolutely hilarious. I just can’t cope with the awkwardness from this episode. They go on a canal boat for Mark’s stag do and just so much bad stuff happens, when they somehow end up eating a dog and it gets me every time.

The Love Bunker – Season 8, Episode 3

It’s a paint balling episode which is fun as it is but there’s so much Super Hans in this episode which makes it absolutely amazing. Jeremy has found his film life coaching client which is hysterical.

Threeism – Season 9, Episode 3

Omg this episode. Mark is trying to put together a last minute dinner party, the result is ridiculous. The ‘Moroccan’ themed food and drink is just too much. Who doesn’t fancy pasta, baked beans and lettuce?

Wedding – Season 4, Episode 6

Feel like I relate to Mark way more than I want to. He last minute realises he doesn’t want to get married, the whole episode is him basically trying to avoid getting married without being the bad guy.

Jeremy Makes It – Season 2, Episode 2

Mark makes a new friend and then slowly discovers that he’s a racist. Jeremy is trying to get the chance to write the song for the new Honda advert.

Dance Class – Season 2, Episode 1

Rainbow Rhythms dance class is so so so funny, some of the characters in this episode are brilliant. Things escalate and Mark and Jez even kiss and it’s just so awkward to watch.

Sectioning – Season 3, Episode 2

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The episode basically just turns into Super Hans, Jeremy and Mark all trying to section each other.

The Interview – Season 1, Episode 2

Mark tries so hard to be flirty with Sophie but it just backfires so much. Jeremy agrees to go for an interview even though he doesn’t want the job, he tries to sabotage himself which eventually leads to him pretending to have facial spasms.

Sophie’s Parents – Season 4, Episode 1

Mark is super unsure about whether or not he wants to marry Sophie but after hearing that his parents want to give them a cottage he miraculously decides that he wants to. Jeremy ends up having sex with Sophie’s mum.

Seasonal Beatings – Season 7, Episode 5

Mark ends up in an awkward Christmas situation with Dobby, Jez and Super Hans. Mark ends up losing his shit after his parents are being rude and stuck up which leads to him putting turkey in the shredder.

Are you a Peep Show fan? Have you watched any of these episodes or are there different ones you would have put in your Top 10?

Would love to hear from you.

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  1. March 7, 2018 / 7:38 pm

    Holiday, Wedding and Jeremy Makes It are my favourite!xxx

    • Grace
      March 7, 2018 / 7:58 pm

      They’re so funny! I think Holiday is my number one, just makes me weak xxxx

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