Soap & Glory : underrated gems

I really need to stop going into boots. I just can’t help myself when I walk in and see there’s offers on, I have zero control when it comes to spending money. All my money goes on food or makeup, i’m not too sure how I manage it but I always find something to spend my money on (oops).


I went into boots purely to replace my liquid eyeliner and next thing you know I come out with like 5 extra products. (I really need to get some self control when it comes to spending, oops). So just as I go to pick up my trusty Soap & Glory supercat eyeliner I see they’re offering a free gift AND that the eyeliner I was about to purchase is included in the free gift… so what’s a gal gonna do? I couldn’t just leave the gift there so I had to spend £15 to get my free gift (totally worth it for products I didn’t need, right?) Oh yeah. I’m actually so glad I came across this offer as I found some real gems i’d never considered purchasing before.

Soap & Glory’s supercat eyeliner is sacred to me, ever since I first purchased it when I was around 17 I just can’t get enough. It is my favourite liquid eyeliner, it applies so easily and is so pigmented. I’m also a big fan of their ‘sexy mother pucker’ matte- lip pens, I already own 3 different shades and have to say they are ah-mazing and at only £3.50 a shade, what more could you want? They’re so thick and creamy and just glide onto your lips, they don’t crack at all and the colour lasts for hours even if you’re eating/drinking. (May write a separate post about these sometime as they great and definitely underrated).


I purchased their ‘made you blush’ in shade ‘rosy chic’, it’s a gorgeous colour that is so so so pigmented. The first time I used it i’d underestimated it and ended up with bright pink cheeks, so just remember a little goes a long way with this one. I’d definitely recommend it though, I love the packaging it comes in as it has a little mirror and a handy brush to make application super easy (and soap & glory’s packaging is just hella cute anyway).


I’m really loving their pressed powder as well, it’s translucent so it doesn’t give you that orange tinge and it leaves your skin looking soft and matte. Again it has a mirror included which makes it easy to carry about on the go for touch ups.

Included in the free gift was Soap & Glory’s ‘glow all out’ highlighting powder. At the moment I’ve found that this gives more of a subtle glow rather than a full on highlight but I kind of like this as it’s not too full on, it’s lightweight and does give a bit of a shimmer.

My little Soap & Glory haul definitely made me want to try out more of their products in the future and has definitely given me some new favourites. It’s such a good value make that has a lot to offer and their packaging is always so cute.

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