Payday purchases

So payday was last week and I let myself go a little crazy with my spending.


{This isn’t even everything as I accidentally bought a couple more bits after – oops}



I meant to do this post like last week but things have been a little hectic and i’d gotten distracted. I worked for most of the weekend with 2 ten hour shifts which has left me feeling hella tired.

Anyway i’m going to show you some bits I bought on payday (yayy), some are from my wishlist that I posted (double yay)!

I’ve bought a couple of beauty products that i’ve been eyeing up and spoke about on my wishlist. Was a bit gutted as I seemed to buy 2 urban decay palettes right before they had money off (I could have got it for nearly half the price!)

Right so the first thing i’ll talk about are my two new palettes.

Urban Decay’s full spectrum palette

This beauty set me back £43 and then I found out it had gone down to £28 just a couple of days later (gutted). I have had a lot of fun with this palette already and with the range of different colour I have found it easy to create loads of different looks. Some of the colours are more pigmented than others but I have found that using a primer with them helps boost the colour a little more. Seize, Warning, Jones, Blindsides and Calavera are my favourites so far. I love using this palette as it creates such a bold and different eye look.


{I forgot to take a picture before I used this one – sorryyy. But look how pretty it is.}

The picture doesn’t even do this justice. This is Urban Decay’s Moondust palette and I am so in love with it  😍. My boyfriend bought me this palette because he’s a cutie pie and i’d been eyeing it up. It cost £36 from the counter in Debenhams. The colours are so stunning and pigmented, they are best applied with your finger and then can blend other colours in with a brush. They look absolutely amazing and it’s so easy to create a glam eye look with this palette. Would 100% recommend to anyone (especially if you love a bit of glitter).


It got rid of the dry patch on my face!!! I’d been looking for a good moisturiser for a while as my skin had been getting really dry. This is Nivea’s pure and natural night cream, I bought it in superdrug and it cost me £5.35. It has a lovely thick consistency and feels amazing when rubbed into your skin. It left my skin feeling refreshed and healthy.


NYX Vivid Brights in Sapphire, £5.50 in boots. Very vibrant, pigmented colour that creates a bold eye look. I’ve only used mine once so far but I love it, it made my eye colour pop and created such an exciting look. It stayed on far better than I was expecting as well, it stayed in tact all night and didn’t smudge at all. Definitely want to look into getting another colour.


Went to pay for this baby thinking I was going to get 20% off but turned out I had the date wrong so it was full price so through part me feeling hella awkward and part me wanting the pretty skirt I bought it anyway. It cost me £40 from River Island (a place I hardly go into as it makes me feel intimated). But it’s so pretty and comfy and I couldn’t resist.

Who doesn’t love a nude lippy??

Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in shade 932 (Clay Crush), £6.99 in Superdrug. I looooooove this colour. It’s such a gorgeous colour and I cannot stop wearing it, it’s my new favourite as it means I can go bright on my eyes and still have an amazing lip colour. The matte doesn’t leave lips looking dry and the colour stays on so well.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

Need to try and get into a bit of a routine with posting on my blog so I can figure out what i’m about.

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Have a lovely day!






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