Payday purchases: skincare and hair care haul


So you know me, can’t resist splashing a bit of cash on payday. I’m trying to save up at the moment so i’m trying my best not to buy anything I don’t need (proving a bit unsuccessful but what can a gal do).

Lucky for me there were quite a few deals in Boots and Superdrug including 3 for 2, free gift, triple points and 10% off (yass). How could I resist treating myself a little!?

I’ve been eyeing up those cute lil blue bear hair tablets for a while but at $29.99 for just one month it’s a little out of my price range so I decided to try out something a little more in my budget. I purchased these ‘skin, hair and nails’ tablets from superdrug that cost £7.99 (but had 10% off as well, yay). They come in a pack of 60 and are one a day, I’ve only been taking them for around 3 days so i’ll give an update in a couple of weeks.


TRESemmé’s smoothing hair mask was ah-mazing and on offer in Superdrug for only £3.01 (definitely a product I want to stock up on for the future). It left my hair so silky and smooth just after one use. It’s a large tub for the price and you only need to use a little bit to leave your hair soft. This is a product I can’t recommend enough, my hairs pretty damaged from me constantly dying it so i’m always looking for products to make my hair look soft and smooth.

I purchased No7’s ‘beautiful skin’ for dry/very dry skin, I purchased the day and night cream. They were £13.50 but lucky for me they were on 3 for 2 so I got my toner (soft and soothing usually £8.00) free so was a win win for me. The day cream is lovely and smooth and not too thick, it absorbed by my skin fast and left it soft without it feeling greasy. The night cream is great! It’s thick and creamy and leaves my skin nourished after I’ve cleansed and toned.

The toner does a good job at removing any leftover makeup that may be left on my skin and adds hydration to my skin, making it feel refreshed and clean. I kind of wish the bottle had a pump or a nozzle rather than just a large opening at the top but this doesn’t take away from the toner and it’s still easy to use.

Boots ‘charcoal & willow bark’ sheet face mask was on offer 2 for £3.00 so I purchased two as I love the feel of my skin after using these face masks. Sheet face masks sort of just give me a giggle anyway when they’re on your face. (I did take a picture of me with it on but it’s too embarrassing for the internet). It feels funny on your face and kind of takes a little to get used to lying there with it on but the feeling is great. This face mask left my face feeling cool and refreshed and the smell of the face mask is relaxing as well.


I got a free gift with my purchases as well which is always exciting because who doesn’t love free makeup. I haven’t tried these products out yet but they look like they’ll create a great summery look (look at that bright gloss 😍).

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed reading my post!

Would love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions for skincare/hair care products.

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