Payday purchases: quality make up on a budget ✨✨

I didn’t buy too much as i’m trying to save up for New York so I can shop my feet off whilst i’m there but I did pick up a few bits that I thought i’d share with you.


So when I went shopping on pay day I didn’t have the intention to go and buy makeup but as soon as I walked into super drug they were advertising ‘spend £12 on revolution and get a free palette (uh oh). Naturally I could not help myself and was rendered helpless (but who can resist free makeup pls?)

The shoes and trousers I found a great bargain on anyway so i’m not even mad about that (also wasn’t supposed to be looking at clothes). I went to do my weekly shop at Tesco and they had 25% off clothes and I just felt super inclined to find something I liked.


How beautiful is this highlighter tho? And it was only about £3.00, I am so in love. I was surprised how pigmented it was as well, you could really see the glow once i’d applied to my cheek. I had wanted a new highlighter for a while as the one I had before this sort of just merged into my skin.


I originally chose this palette because I wanted one that had more pinks/oranges in it as i’ve been feeling that look lately. So I decided on this one because the packaging showed some pinky colours were in the palette. I was slightly disappointed when I opened it as the colours were a little different than they looked on the back of the packaging but I still have to say I love this palette. The colours are really pigmented and they blend so well together. There is an array of different finishes on the colours including some that are matte and some that are more shimmery. I really love this palette as its so different from the others i’ve been buying recently.


This was the palette they were giving free when you spent over £12. Look how pretty it is omg. I fell in love with it. I was so drawn to it originally because of that orangey colour at the top, it’s so pretty and bold. As I started experimenting with this palette a bit I found that all the colours are really pigmented and just so pretty. The bottom right colour is beautiful and such an interesting shade.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog and are having a lovely day.

I’m thinking of writing about one of the looks I created with my new palettes but shall see how confident i’m feeling.

Hope you’re all having lovely weeks.

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