Past Fancy Dress Outfits

Hey everyone.

So today’s post is focusing on my old fancy dress costumes to give you some more Halloween costume inspiration. I know in some of my last few posts you’ve seen a glimpse at some of my costumes but thought I’d dedicate this post to some of my favourites.

Evil Queen

All you need for this one is a black dress, cape and tiara (you can then jazz it up with accessories and dark make-up).

Can-Can Dancer

Really easy costume – got the corset and skirt off of eBay and accessorised the outfit with a lace choker, lace gloves and tights that look like stockings.

Zombie Cheerleader

Here’s mini me back in the day dressed as a Zombie cheerleader. Zombie is such a fabulous costume as you can customise it so many ways.


Check out mini me as Sandy – just all black, curly hair and a fake cigarette.

80’s Girl

This could be done for any decade really but it is a super fun costume that can be put together super easily.

Amy Winehouse

Image may contain: 1 person

Can you believe that is my real hair?! Hurt so much to brush out. Also excuse the awful quality picture (was taken on my ipod about 6 years ago).

Harley Quinn


I had barely any pictures in this costume but I looooved wearing it.

Jessie and Heisenbeg

How jokes is this costume. I was originally wearing my step dad’s jeans instead of a skirt but I got told to change haha.





I had a lot more but had to ring myself in a little bit and realised I’ve shown a lot of my costumes in my last few posts. What was your favourite costume?

What are you going as this year?

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