New York City, Baby!

So i’ve just got back from New York and i’m feeling totally worn out and jet lagged. I’m trying to stay awake to get my body used to UK time but it’s so difficult. I’m sat here now eating Hershey’s kisses trying to power through.

I had a totally amazing time in the big apple and the only thing I wish I could change is how long I was there for. I so could have stayed longer, there was just so much I wanted to do and see but the time just flew by and everything is super expensive when you’re a broke bitch like me.

I did however do the one thing I really wanted to do there… shopping!! I was like a kid in a sweet shop in Sephora, I just couldn’t help myself. Every time I went in a bought something and I cannot wait to show you what I got because it is all awesome but i’m going to do that on another post when i’m a bit more alive.

I’m kinda dead so I thought i’d just write a little list of my favourite things about New York City because hey ho i’m tired as hell.

So here is my favourite things about New York City ;

  • 99 cent pizza – MY FAVE THING!! Why is the UK not there for this yet?
  • The tall ass buildings
  • How nearly everything i’ve seen in a film/tv show (oh wow)
  • Rockefeller center – was low key scared I was going to fall off but it was amazing
  • The people – they are seriously so cool and there’s people from all over and so many different accents.
  • Central Park – it was raining so much when we visited but it just blows my mind they have a place like that just in the middle of that huge built up city.

I apologise for this slightly strange post, i’m just super excited and I want to get it out there. I could also probably list everything I did in New York but I need to stop myself somewhere. Special mention to Dave and Busters though which was so excited and made me feel about 10 but was so fun!!

After like 12 hours in total of travelling i’m just feeling super mardy and ready for a long sleep but I can’t do that so i’m going to do the next best thing; eat chocolate and watch Jane the Virgin in bed. (Wahoo).

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post.

As always i’d love to here from you.

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Have a lovely day everyone.




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