My guilty pleasures ✨✨

those things that I just cannot resist

Buzzfeed quizzes – I have to admit I find it oh-so hard to scroll past any of those shitty facebook quizzes but I just can’t help myself. I mean it’s not just me that’s dying to know what type of crisp I am? (Blates not grace, theres 7 billion people living in the world) oops
Prawn crackers – not sure where this came from but lidl’s prawn crackers get me like no one else.

The Duff – Theres a special place in my heart for the duff. I only watched it about a year ago (probably hasn’t been out much longer than that), I was feeling a little down so I decided to watch a chick flick to cheer myself up and oh boy it changed me. I watched it 4 times that week and its so cringey but just so perfect. It made me feel like i’m definitely someones duff but ah well, my true sad period film right here (oops sorry for waffling)

(Not even my guilty pleasure, just an amazing film n deserves a mention)

{Pic of me and my hero poppy ft Cam}.

Grinding (oops) – drunk me cannot resist this and its super embarassing but apparently drunk me cannot get enough of this in the club (welp). Just grinding in general, club me is like yass. Is there any other way to dance to talk dirty to me??

{Friends who grind together, stay together}.

Teddies (especially mozzerella) – makes me feel like a 5 year old when i’m sat there staring at my wall of teddies but they’re so cute and i just couldn’t bare to see them go. My fave thing about mozzerella is winding my boyfriend up with him and just being generally annoying.

Mcdonalds monopoly
– I can’t help myself, i’m convinced i’m due to win something and keep going to maccies and buying a load of food. {may or may not have picked up a monopoly sticker off the street yesterday because it said winner}.

Cooking videos – whether they’re those tasty videos or just random ones i’ve found online I need to watch. It doesn’t matter what they’re making, it’s just so exciting. I could sit there for hours just watching.

Fancy dress – I am way into fancy dress for a 21 year old but I love love loooove it.

{Can we pretend we can’t see my white armpit – As Kermie says ‘it aint easy being green’.}

I’m sure there’s probably lots of guilty pleasures I have but don’t want to be waffling on too much and some i’m sure are just shared ones that everyone has like singing in the shower like you’re in a music video – right?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, i’m still finding my voice and trying to find what’s best for me and the direction I want to take my blog into.

Please comment and follow me, contact me here :

I’d love to hear your feedback and hear about some of your guilty pleasures.

Grace x


    • April 14, 2017 / 4:37 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Thought it was an interesting way to introduce myself a little, yes you definitely should! Link me if you do one 🙈

      • April 14, 2017 / 4:38 pm

        I’ll be sure to do that! 😋 Yes it is a great way to give people an insight on your personality 😊

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