MCM Comic Con London : October 2017

Hey everyone,

So this weekend I went to Comic Con in London. I’ve been to the Birmingham Comic Con twice and this year decided to visit the London one to see what it was like – the convention itself was a lot bigger than Birmingham’s con.

Me and my friend (Reshma) decided to do a costume together and cos-played as Daredevil and Elektra. She made her whole costume herself which took about 3 months but looked super impressive on the day.

I bought most of the stuff for my costume on eBay and then put it together. I was so gutted as when I got to London I realised that I had left my bandanna, wig and sai swords in Birmingham.

I improvised my bandanna with a cheap t-shirt that I bought in Primark, I cut this up to use half as a bandanna and half as strips of material to wrap around my arms and legs.

I had such a fabulous time and it was amazing to see so many people dressed up and speak to some amazing people.

There were so many different stalls selling different things which meant there was loads to do whilst we were. There were all sorts of different activities, games to play and panels to listen to. It’s such an exciting event that I would definitely recommend to anyone – it’s a fun day/weekend with lots of stuff to do and a chance to meet a range of different people.

Some of the cos-plays are amazing as well and you can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into creating them.

I am definitely going to go to the next London Comic Con and ensure that I take all of my costume with me. I was a bit disappointed about not having my wig with me but I still got some good pictures. The boots I was wearing were so uncomfortable though – the heel was starting to snap on them so I felt a little unbalanced. My feet felt like I was walking on spikes – had to eventually take my boots off as it was too painful to bare.

Have you ever been to Comic Con? What did you think about it?

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