How (not) to make a big decision

So I’ve been finding myself super stressed out lately (whats new, eh). Between trying to find a new job and figuring out what I want to do with my life it’s safe to say i’m more than a little stressed. I know that title is probably hella misleading but aye.

For those of you who don’t know me i’m originally from Cardiff and have just been living in Birmingham during my time at university. Now times nearly up and I have just over a month to decide what to do with myself (dun, dun, dunnnn).

I know all in all the most sensible thing to do would be go back to Cardiff and move back in with my family but it just doesn’t feel right, it feels like i’m just up and leaving my life here. So I figured, why not write a blog post about it… I’m going to start with the logical stuff and see if that helps.

So here’s the 5 steps i’m going to take to try and make up my damn mind.

  1. Write a list (or multiple lists) – I’m not talking like pro’s and con’s because I know that won’t end well, it’ll just end up with me writing irrelevant stuff on there. As I wrote that sentence i’m now like hmm pro’s and con’s list. (oops) I was thinking like a to do list for the research I need to do. (Which brings me to number 2).
  2. Research – Super important for whether I stay or go. I need to find myself a new job and look into what sort of career will best suit me as at the moment I couldn’t be more clueless. If I stay in Birmingham i’ll also have to find a new place which means more research.
  3. Set a deadline – I think this is really important for me because at the moment i’m just thinking like ‘ah got buckets of time’ but it’s sneaking up on me fast and I need to figure out ASAP what i’m going to do. So I figure if I say ‘I will make up my mind by this date’ then I know how long I have to decide.
  4. Consider other options – I’m thinking in terms of alternatives to just the black and white choices of stay here or move back. So maybe going back for a bit and saving up (ha, i’m not good with money) and then coming back to Birmingham. Considering all options is important as it means that you can find out all the details before making a decision.
  5. Plan – This links most of the others together but is soooo important as it’ll stop me from me doing my classic last minute ‘yolo’ (something I have a bad habit of doing with everything from spontaneous bleaching of my hair to buying copious amount of underwear). {I may or may not be writing this with newly bleached hair}. 

I’m hoping maybe after doing these steps i’ll be a little closer to making up my mind but I guess we shall see.

Thank you for reading my blog, I tried to keep it as lighthearted as possible and hope you enjoyed it.

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I’d love to hear what you thought or if you have any tips/ideas on what to do when making a big decision.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.




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