Halloween Movies – Wallace and Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)

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What is not to love about a Wallace and Gromit film? Have to say this one isn’t my favourite but it’s still absolutely brilliant and just so clever. There’s so many laughs in this one and a bit of mustery.

Getting to see Wallace and Gromit again is fabulous too. I remember when this one came out in the cinema and just how excited I was about watching it.

This is definitely a good one to watch around Halloween time (with the whole spin on Werewolf).

This one has more of Wallace’s inventions in it (all weird and wonderful) and he still has his big cheese obsession.

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Gromit is constantly trying to sort out the messes and stop Wallace from getting into trouble – have to love Gromit’s eye roll. Gromit’s always the one that knows what’s going on but Wallace is just like oh Gromit.

That moment you figure out that Wallace is the were-rabbit as well and you’re literally like oooo nooo, so typical they get themselves into all sorts of messes.

How much of a dick is Victor though? He constantly wanted to kill the rabbits and tried to fight Wallace because Lady Tottington was showing him her vegetables. I was so happy when she finally dumped him at the end – gurl you don’t need his animal hating ass in your life.

Sorry this post is a little late, had a bit of a lazy day today as Friday and yesterday I was a very busy girl. I was at comic con this weekend which was fabulous (i’ll be writing a post about it soon).

Are you a Wallace and Gromit fan? Which is your favourite?

Hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend.

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