Halloween Movies – Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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This one you can kind of double up as a Christmas and a Halloween film, I mean the whole film is basically about Jack Skellington discovering Christmas and realising how much fun that is. That being said this film is centred around a look of creepy themes and it literally takes place in Halloween Town so you can definitely watch this film for both.

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There’s so much to love about this film – especially the fact that it’s a musical as well. I mean the songs in this film are amazing and just so catchy. After watching this I found myself just randomly singing ‘This is Halloween’. The whole idea is just amazing as well, a town dedicated to Halloween that then find out about Christmas and just sort of lose their shit (it just such a brilliant concept).

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The movie itself is amazing as well in the fact that it not only manages to be creepy still but also manages to be heart warming and funny. It has to be said that Tim Burton is fabulous and always manages to add the right amount of creepy to  make a film amazing. Stop motion animation also makes things so much freakier for me as well (like I said with Coraline), it’s such an awesome way of making a movie that adds that eeriness.

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This is one to watch for Halloween if you haven’t already. I was always a little freaked out about watching this when I was younger but I loooooved it (even though Oogie Boogie is super freaky) and I’m sure I’ll be revisiting it around Christmas time.

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