Halloween Decorations to Spook-ify Your House

As soon as October hits shops go Halloween mad with decorations, costumes and all things Halloween (which I loooove). I thought this post would be fun to look at the place you can get Halloween decorations to turn your house spooky and scary in time for this spooky time of year. Some of the decorations I found are more cute than scary but it’s still all Halloween themed and super exciting.

B&M Bargains

Despite the prices being super cheap B&M actually have some really cool decorations on offer that will really help get you in that Halloween mood.

Orange Halloween Curtain Lights 50pk- £3.99


How cute are these!!

Halloween Projector Light Show – £29.99


A little expensive but how creepy is this. There’s a spider and ghost version of these projectors. This is bound to give anyone a scare.

Gruesome & Gory Door Curtain – Enter at Your Own Risk – £2.99


This may be a bit cheesy but I still think these are so cool to have hanging from your door.

Giant Standing Coffin Sign – Beware Zombies -£1.99


Scary Halloween Window Peeper -£5.99


They have a Zombie and Grim Reaper version of this and I can’t decide what I love more. This would so freak me out if I turned around and saw it at a Halloween party.

This post just nearly turned into a ‘decorations I love from B&M’ because OMG they have so much cool stuff that’s so affordable too. I did manage to pull myself away just in time though (was seconds from spending £16.99 on a cauldron oops).


Gold Metallic Skull Decoration -£4.00

Glitter Pumpkin Decoration – £4.00

I love this glitter pumpkin!! (not scary but super cute and can add a bit of glitz to your party).


A lot of poundland’s decorations are really cute and at only a pound what more could you want. I was actually really impressed with some of their decorations (spooky doesn’t have to be expensive).

Halloween Creepy Critters 52 Pack – £1.00

Halloween Creepy Critters 52 PackFUCK ME. How creepy are these? I’m such a scaredy cat that looking at this picture for too long is freaking me out.

Halloween Printed Balloons 18 Pack – £1.00

Halloween Printed Balloons 18 Pack

Ceramic Pumpkin Tea Light Holder 4″ – £1.00

Ceramic Pumpkin Tea Light Holder 4

I loooooove this, how cute is it. Imagine having a few of these with tea lights in (aw, aw, awww).

Light Up Ghost Party Decoration 6″ – £1.00

Light Up Ghost Party Decoration 6

How cute is this lil friendly ghost!?


No One Leaves Door Decoration – £2.00

Wilko No One Leaves Door Decoration

Wilko Gigantic Hairy Spider 50inGigantic Hairy Spider 50in – £5.00

This is horrific, looking at it making me paranoid.

Small Copper Terracotta Pumpkin – £2.00

Wilko Small Copper Terracotta Pumpkin

This pumpkin looks so evil I don’t even know what it is but I’m digging it.

Have a spooky day everyone!

Have you seen any decorations anywhere? Are there any in this post that have caught your eye? Would love to hear from you.

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