Fun things to do on Halloween

This post is based on ideas of fun things that you can do on or around Halloween. I thought this would be a fun post as it looks at all the exciting options of things that you could do around Halloween to get you in the spooky spirit.

Halloween Party 

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I thought I’d start with this as it’s probably most common one. Having a Halloween party can be really fun as you can experiment with crazy Halloween games and spooky decorations.

Horror Film Marathon

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Nothing like a few horror films to get you in that spooky mood. Grab some snacks and snuggle up for a night of creepiness.

Theme Parks

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Lots of theme parks have their own Halloween events. Alton Towers has ‘Scarefest’ running most weekends in October and then running up to 31st. They have things like scary mazes, a circus of scary characters and even keep the rides open until 9pm so you can ride in the dark (super freaky).


Zombie Run

I did one of these last year and was literally so terrified going in that I may (or may not) have cried a little bit. The idea is it’s an interactive experience which requires you to outrun some zombies – super intense in the moment.

Ghost Tour/Haunted Buildings Tour

This gives you the chance to learn about some of the spooky things that have happened where you live.

Halloween Mazes

A walk through experience with lots of things jumping out at you essentially.

Haunted House

Again lots of freaky things jumping out to try and scare you.

Escape Room

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Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular – the idea is to find clues and escape the room as fast as possible. There are a lot of Horror themed rooms to give you a fright.

Or of course you can just stay in and hand out Halloween sweets to trick or treaters.

Hope you enjoyed this post. What are your Halloween plans? Have you done any of these on the list?

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