Christmas Adverts That Will Melt Your Heart

So I know every year there is a lot of speculation about what the John Lewis Christmas advert will be and many people get super excited. Some people see this as the ‘start of Christmas countdown’. I’ve seen a lot of Christmas adverts that I’ve thought were the sweetest thing and would love to share with you. I thought this would be a super cute post to share with you and help get you in the Christmas spirit.

Disclaimer: There’s a chance I cried at some of these adverts.

Kaufland – Star Wars

I can’t stop myself from tearing up at this advert every time I watch it. It’s just such a cute advert, I love it.

Allergo – English For Beginners

This is just a masterpiece and I absolutely love it.

Bring Merry Back – House of Fraser

Paddington – Marks and Spencers

How cute is Paddington bear. I absolutely love this advert and think it’s so sweet.

Carrot Stick – Mcdonalds

Turkey Every Way – Tesco

I love this advert, think it just represents Christmas so well and focuses on spending time with the people you love.

Coming Home For Christmas – Heathrow Airport

How cute is this advert?!


Hope you enjoyed this post. What is your favourite Christmas advert? Are there any of these you hadn’t seen before?

Have a fabulous Monday, thank you for stopping by.

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