Bad Ass Female Film Characters

It’s no secret that I’m a big lover of movies (I’m sure you’re well aware of this with all my ‘Movie Magic posts’. What I also love is seeing Bad Ass women in movies, I mean what is not to love about seeing amazing strong women. So here is my list of bad ass female characters in movies (for days when you’re needed a little inspiration).


Sarah Connor (Terminator films) – I fell in love with her character as soon as I watched the film. She’s such a strong character that kicks robot ass, even when she’s locked up in the hospital she keeps her fiesty-ness.

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The Bride (Kill Bill) – She doesn’t give a shit what she looks like (none of this trying to be pretty stuff) and she spends the whole film getting revenge for what was done to her (you go girl).

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Ellen Ripley (Alien Franchise) – “Get away from her you bitch”. Absolutely fearless woman.

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Princess Leia (Star Wars Franchise)

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Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy) – She looks after herself and is there to get away from her shitty ‘family’.

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Poppy (Trolls) – She risked her life to save her friends and still stayed happy whilst doing so. Like badass as fuck.

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Hit Girl (Kick Ass) – She’s only young but still takes down all of the bad guys.

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I could have continued this list on, there are so many amazing strong female characters I could have mentioned (maybe at some point I’ll do a part two). I hope you enjoyed this post.

Would love to hear what you think about these posts, do you enjoy posts about movies? Who’s your favourite strong female character?

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