Hiya there.

I’m Grace and i’m 22.

Just going to keep this short and sweet for now ( I say try because I just live to chat continuous shit).

Never too sure what to say on these sorts of things like how interested are people, like do they just want to know what sort of person I am or what?

Idk, idk, idk.

Will probably end up updating this like a million times because i’ll be all ‘why did I write that’.

I’m the kind of person that just really likes chatting and having a laugh. Generally most of the day you can probably find me just joking around with someone or talking to them about the most random subjects.

I’m currently in that part of my life where i’m supposed to be becoming a responsible adult but it’s just not happening. I’m a bit of a mess really, 90% of the time I still think of myself as a student which isn’t the case. I work full time and spend most of that time complaining about how skint I am but still manage to squeeze a nandos into the budget (because who can resist that).

I’ve always been a bit of an awkward person and i’m still low key afraid to call anyone on the phone but I try my best to power through which usually ends up with me waffling on about something irrelevant. A talk a little too fast and sometimes end up being a little hard to understand.

I love fancy dress. (Just wanted to add that in.)

I haven’t got much of a Cardiff accent but you can hear twangs of it when I speak sometimes. I light up inside every time someone says to me ‘you’re from Wales aren’t you?’. It’s the little things.

Anyways i’ll leave it here for now, probably update this/tidy it up a little soon.

But I’d love to hear from you.

Comment or drop me an email {thatfeelinginside2@gmail.com}.

Thank you, hope you have a lovely day.